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At Making Sense, we are committed to pursuing and maintaining a leadership role in the software development industry. We constantly seek to learn about and capitalize on promising new technology trends and breakthroughs. Because of our ongoing commitment to excellence and a desire to provide greater and greater value for our clients, we offer our employees opportunities to advance their professional development and education.

We seek to be a positive influence in the software development industry and to be a passionate advocate for the betterment of the IT business sector also.

Excellence From The Top Down

This commitment to excellence, leadership and positive influence starts at the top. Our CEO, Cesar Donofrio is an active leader and eloquent communicator who is constantly “on the go”; he’s often found traveling to industry events for the purposes of networking with, collaborating with and learning from other IT business leaders.

He works very hard to lead Making Sense for the benefit of our clients and employees, but he doesn’t stop there. As a board member of the Nearshore Executive Alliance, he is a tireless advocate for the Latin American nearshoring industry.

He works hard to show companies in the US that Argentina has a robust, skilled, well-educated IT workforce and offers many desirable benefits for firms looking to outsource their software development projects without having to deal with the logistical, scheduling and communication problems of sending work to distant countries several time zones away.

Cesar’s Big Adventure!

Keeping true to his commitment to always be “leading from the front”, Cesar recently attended three exciting events, all in the span of just two weeks:

  • The Gartner Symposium and Itxpo in Orlando, Florida, held on October 6-10: The Gartner event is referred to as “The World’s Most Important Gathering Of CIOs and Senior IT Executives”. Not only did Cesar attend in order to learn about the latest IT industry developments, but Making Sense also hosted a booth with the Chamber of Software and IT Services Companies of Argentina (CESSI) to spread the word about Argentina IT, a program intended to tell firms in other countries about the benefits of collaborating with Argentine software development and IT services companies. Back in 2011 we also had the opportunity to participate in the Gartner Summits, which took place in Orlando, Florida.

While at the Gartner Symposium, Cesar learned about several fascinating trends that businesses need to be aware of. Big changes in business and personal technology are headed our way, like it or not. Firms that take a “head in the sand” approach will be in for a rude awakening. Those that proactively plan, prepare and implement new tech strategies will stand to fare much better.

Major trends include the growth of mobile devices as a total proportion of all tech-related spending. The social, cultural and economic impacts of this trend will be astronomical.

Another trend that will make waves is the presence of digital sensors in a multitude of different products – from basketballs to diapers! The potential benefits (from finding a misplaced piece of jewelry to more efficient and timely garbage collection) are impressive. Many would argue that the downside consequences – including loss of privacy – outweigh the benefits we might gain.

Of major concern for many firms is the tendency of IT departments to be resistant to change. CIOs that embrace and try to cling to the status quo will have a great deal of difficulty adapting to the myriad of new IT-related changes headed our way over the next few years.

One of the key recommendations Cesar made note of is an actionable strategy for firms to adapt to tech-related change: keep the current infrastructure in place while gradually implementing new, revolutionary changes, rather than make a vast, sweeping change all at once.

  • The 2013 Atlanta Trade Mission: Argentina IT US delegation members traveled to Atlanta for a event hosted on October 14 by the Argentine Consulate at Atlanta Tech Village. Cesar and representatives of other companies delivered several compelling, riveting presentations; they told the audience what an attractive software development and IT services outsourcing destination Argentina is.

Argentina IT US delegation members

This event was a great opportunity for Argentine technology companies and US firms to network, share ideas and pursue strategic alliances.

  • The SIG Global Leadership Summit held in Ft. Worth, TX October 15-17: SIG is the “Sourcing Interests Group”. At this event, Cesar and other visionaries from a number of leading firms in various fields gathered together to network and trade ideas with each other and to learn about the latest trends and recommendations for procurement, sourcing and outsourcing from noted industry experts.

SIG has a unique approach to educational sessions; they are noted for being “hands on” and very interactive and conversational, as opposed to being held in a strict lecture format. Attendees had a large number of available sessions – both keynotes and workshops – they could choose from on timely, valuable subjects ranging from ways to cut organizational costs to how to manage the dizzying rate of change in today’s global business environment.

So What Does This Mean To You?

When your company needs to outsource a vitally important software or app development project, don’t you want to do business with a proven development firm committed to industry leadership?Don’t you want to invest in the services of a company dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of IT industry developments, trends and breakthroughs?

Don’t you want to do business with a company whose CEO leads by example in an effort to always be learning about new technologies that can help his clients?

Cesar is that kind of CEO. He travels to these events because he wants to lead a company that provides outstanding work for its clients.

Making Sense is that kind of company. We have a commitment to excellence that starts at the top and permeates every department.

IT Awards Winner And Many Client Success Stories

Our rock solid commitment to excellence is getting noticed, by the media and by our clients. We are pleased to announce that two of the products we have developed, Lander, an easy-to-set-up landing page software program engineered to help online marketers optimize their conversion rates, and VidTac, the law enforcement industry’s first software-driven, high definition video system for police department patrol cars, have been nominated for very prestigious Sadosky Awards. And we are pleased to announce Lander received the award in its category.

We have a growing list of very happy clients who are enjoying spectacular success with our custom-designed software programs and apps, including Rackspace, widely considered to be one of the world’s best server hosting providers.

You can find out more about Rackspace’s stellar experience as a Making Sense client and also view some of our other client success stories here.

Maybe your company could be our next big success story. Do you have a revolutionary idea for an app or software program? Do you want a program your users will enjoy using, one that will give them a pleasant user experience and a simple, intuitive user interface?

Do you want to enjoy a world-class development experience, like Rackspace did? You can!

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