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It seems the word about our quality products and services is getting out. We’re very excited to bring you some big news. We’re pleased (and humbled) to announce that Vidtac, a product designed in conjunction with COPsync, has been nominated as finalist under the innovative category in the Sadosky Awards 2013. VidTac is a program that gives police department patrol cars high definition video capability while cutting equipment costs.

The Sadosky Awards are sponsored by CESSI, The Chamber of Software and Computer Services of Argentina. They celebrate innovation and excellence in software development in Argentina. The awards are a tribute to Manuel Sadosky, an illustrious scientist widely regarded as the father of the Argentinian computer science profession.

Proud to bring innovation and creativity to the IT industry

In recent years, Argentina has enjoyed substantial growth in its IT services industry. CESSI has played a big part in this growth. It works to grow and strengthen the software industry in Argentina by advocating for education in technology and for an economic environment that encourages business development. It also promotes technology-related research.

It’s only natural that CESSI would sponsor a program to award the most innovative Argentinian software companies and products.

Making Sense, though headquartered in the US, has a major presence in Argentina; much of our very talented workforce lives and works there. We recently opened a beautiful new office facility in the Argentine coastal city of Mar del Plata.

We are passionate about being a positive economic and social force in Argentina. We are committed to providing great jobs for bright, motivated university graduates.

Sadosky awards

We also seek to help foster an environment that engages young school children, one that encourages them to take an active role in learning about technology. And, in keeping with our commitment to provide our clients with the best service and software products possible, we are passionate about leveraging ongoing education and training opportunities for our employees.

Our Sadosky Award nomination is for VidTac, a program we designed in conjunction with COPsync to provide police departments with a way to save taxpayers money by slashing equipment costs. VidTac is a tool that gives crime fighters the means to quickly retrieve video footage while providing very high quality, high resolution images for more accurate courtroom evidence.

VidTac is the law enforcement industry’s first software-driven, high definition video system for police department patrol cars. It is also one of many “game changing” software programs that Making Sense has developed.

Another product selected as a finalist for this prestigious award is Lander, an easy-to-set-up landing page software. Lander offers a full suite of landing page templates. All of them include useful features such as advanced A/B testing capabilities. They are also designed for optimum conversion rates.

We will attend The Sadosky Awards Ceremony at The Center of The Secretary of Technology and Culture in Villa Martelli, Argentina October 31. We’re excited, and we would feel very proud if we won! But our dedication to providing you with quality products and service is much more important to us than winning the award.

So whether we win or not, we promise to maintain our commitment to giving our clients great service during and after the software development process and to provide them with outstanding software programs.

You…Our Next Success Story?

Whether your company is located in Argentina, the United States or another country, or you have staff living and working in multiple countries like we do, we would love to talk to you about how we can help you enjoy success with your next app or software development project.

Maybe you will become one of our exciting success stories. Maybe the program we develop for you will be nominated for a Sadosky Award. But whether it is or not, we promise you will enjoy collaborating with our very talented, motivated, creative staff and that you will be thrilled with the software program we develop for you.

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