Offering the Best UX

At Making Sense, our focus is on you. We design and build all of our software and apps with you in mind – your convenience, your enjoyment, your user experience (UX), your success. Our landing page templates from Lander are no exception.

Whether you run a large company with a dozen different departments, or a one-person, home-based consulting firm, your business is unique. You need your landing page to be unique too.

Regardless of your goals…whatever your needs or wants…we have an easy-to-use landing page template just for you.

Our goal at Making Sense – the thing that drives us as we design and develop all of our cutting-edge software products – is to provide you with a wonderfully pleasant, stress-free user experience (UX). Once you’ve launched your beautiful, feature-rich, loaded with exciting benefits new landing page from Lander, you will love it! And while you are launching it, you’ll love how quick and easy the process is.

Thanks for your feedback!

At Making Sense, we are experts at understanding our clients’ and users’ needs. We do not “rest on our laurels”. We constantly strive to improve, to “take it up a notch”, to offer you better products and service. We are committed to listening to your valuable feedback, giving you what you want and helping you enjoy the results you need.

So we are thrilled to unveil for you our new Lander landing page templates!

You spoke, and we listened

We took our already great landing page templates, and made them even better. We added increased functionality. We made them even easier to launch than before. We made them even more beautiful. We designed and built them to be even more conversion-friendly. This last part’s critical. The main purpose of your landing page is to convert – to turn page visitors into buyers, to get them to call you, to sign up for your email newsletter, etc. Your landing page’s job is to convert!

Offering You the Best UX

Our landing page improvement project was a true team effort. All of our departments – Marketing, UX Design, Support, Development, etc. – worked together relentlessly on this effort.

Of special note was the degree to which our Support department was involved. Their contributions were vitally important in our campaign to bring you, our valued clients an entire suite of landing page templates with an even more seamless, enjoyable user experience (UX) and more robust, flexible features than before. We take client satisfaction seriously. You gave our Support department your feedback, and we listened to you. We made some key improvements. Our goal is to make your life easier (to save you time, effort and a ton of frustration – the kind of frustration that so often happens when you try to set up a landing page the “old fashioned way”) and offer you outstanding value, so we made our fantastic landing page templates even better.

Are you looking for a simple, fast way to build a web presence that gets you noticed? Are you planning to announce a big event or seminar? Do you want to build your vitally important email list to make it an even bigger part of your marketing success?

A Lander landing page from Making Sense will help you with these things and so many more! Building a landing page can be a hassle. That won’t happen with Lander. We’ll make it easy for you. We offer you a turnkey, “out-of-the-box” solution…

You will not have to hire an expensive web developer or graphic artist. You won’t have to learn a complex programming language (or any programming language at all). You won’t have to take hour after hour out of your busy day to get your new landing page up and running.

All of our landing page templates are designed to be set up with an easy, step-by step process. You can launch the customized landing page you want in just a matter of minutes. And you can start capturing leads today!

Do you want to enjoy a “sneak peek” at the fantastic user experience (UX) you and your landing page visitors will have? Go ahead then, and take a look at our new and improved landing page templates.

What’s in it for You?

Offering You the Best UX

You’ll notice many new, wonderful features in addition to our advanced A/B split testing capabilities and intuitive, easy-to-use editor:

  • Each template is well-designed from an artistic, aesthetic point of view – to be pleasing to you and your visitors!
  • Custom layout functionality to help you build a landing page as unique as your business!
  • Even greater ease of use than our previous templates!
  • Each template comes standard with its own confirmation page – a great tool for you to drive customer engagement to even higher levels!+
  • Countdown timer integration – extremely useful for generating interest in upcoming events and increasing your conversions through special sales and limited-time offers!
  • 30% of US consumers use their mobile devices when shopping. Each new Lander template comes standard with its own mobile-optimized version!

Our new landing page templates also offer you:

  • Lead capture forms to help you grow your email list or prospect database – a valuable business building tool for you!
  • Get more clicks with Lander’s colorful, easy-to-notice Call-to-Action buttons. More clicks equals higher conversion rates!
  • Social media integration features so your visitors can easily share your great content!
  • Spectacular images to help you arrest and keep your readers’ interest!
  • Built-in video support. 52% of consumers claim online video makes them more confident in purchasing decisions!
  • Eye-catching headline areas to help you capture your visitors’ attention!
  • Google map integration to make your landing page even more user friendly and enable visitors to access your business location more easily!
  • A new selection of visually appealing fonts!

This is a pretty solid selection of features and benefits, don’t you agree? But here’s the most important benefit we offer with our new templates:

Increased conversion capability!

Each of our new templates is designed to leverage the power of the latest in conversion optimization best practices. Translation – more opportunities for customer engagement and sales for your company!

These are exciting times at Making Sense! But we confidently believe this is just the beginning. We are driven to not only meet, but exceed your expectations with all of the software we produce, including our state-of-the-art Lander landing page templates. We are committed to constant improvements in user experience (UX) for you and your landing page visitors. So be on the lookout for exciting new developments in the future! Just imagine – a landing page you can create in only a few minutes. And an opportunity to try it out for free! Do you see how an eye-catching, easy-to-set-up landing page template from Lander could be a valuable asset for your business? How it could help you attract potential new customers? Want to enjoy what one of Lander’s state-of-the-art landing pages can do for you, starting today?

What you’ve been looking for and asking us for has arrived! Want to try it out for free? Check it out now!

With fantastic software to offer, like our Lander landing pages, Making Sense has a large number of clients enjoying exciting success stories. Could you be next? Could your company be featured in our next big success story? If you have an idea for a stellar new app or innovative software program, tell us about it. Leverage our expertise and proven software development experience. Contact us today at!