Doppler Case Study

Among the efforts of Making Sense, always determined to offer the latest tendencies in the market to clients around the world, we can mention the development of a fun and easy to use application.Launched in 2005, Doppler had been created to provide Internet marketers with a full featured hosted email marketing application.

Because of improvements in UX technology, and the fast growth of their user-base, Doppler wanted to upgrade its technology to make it more user-friendly, enabling this application to scale without taking a performance hit. The Doppler team was committed to provide its users with a more effective, trustable, intuitive and effective experience.

On January 2013 and after several months of hard work and dedication the Making Sense team finally launched the new version of the application. With the new release of Doppler users can now optimize their campaign performance with fully-detailed statistical reports. The main objective behind the new release was for users to improve their campaigns open rate, increase the click through rate, and make their message go viral through social media integration.

The creation of the new Doppler was a challenging and enriching process for Making Sense. Take a moment to read our new Case Study and learn all about this powerful tool offering amazing features and advocated to user experience.

Doppler: Leading a new era of Email Marketing

In the last couple of years, Making Sense’s application Doppler has acquired new partners with offices in Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Ecuador and Spain. The application has grown to have over 25.000 users in 6 years and only a couple days ago its team commemorated its 7th year birthday. Doppler is also the organizer of the free and international event of Marketing Online known as EMMS aimed to help Email Marketing, Social Media and Digital Marketing experts achieve success.

For news and updates on Doppler don’t forget to visit Doppler ’s blog where you will find updated news and be able to register for upcoming webinars!

Obtain more useful information on how Making Sense used the best cutting edge technologies to build an easy- to- use, powerful Email Marketing application! Take a look at our Case Study and learn how Making Sense’s high performance team of developers can develop an application for your company.

Optimizing your campaigns in 4 steps:

Want to know how to achieve great customer loyalty and a strong brand positioning? Start using Doppler’s fast, flexible, dynamic and easy-to-use platform in 4 steps:

  1. Create Subscribers Lists easily: Generate Subscribers or import your existing database. This is the first step you must take to maximize your Email Marketing strategy.
  2. Send your Email Campaigns: Doppler provides 3 types of Campaigns based on your needs and goals: Classic, Social or A / B Test Campaign. Select the most appropriate option, you can send it as you go or just scheduled it.
  3. Measure the success of your Campaigns: Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your Campaigns using key data such as Delivery Rate, Open Rate and Bounce Rate. Also, check the Clicks made on different links and the demographic profile of your Subscribers.
  4. Optimize your Campaigns based on your results: Improve the content of your Campaigns, segment your Email delivery and maximize your message virality through Social Media integrations. Evaluates corrections based on Doppler statistical Reports integrated with Google Analytics.

Email Marketing is a key digital tool in the marketing strategy for any company or institution who wants to spread its message efficiently and creatively. Are you ready to experience the new Doppler? Sign Up Free Today!

As a software development company with a team of highly qualified professionals Making Sense continues assisting companies to provide the best services to their clients in today’s competitive world.

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