One more time Making Sense has successfully helped a client to overcome a challenging project. COPsync, a police force applications and video systems manufacturer, needed to develop industry’s first high-definition software driven video system for law enforcement patrol cars.

As a creative company that likes to take on new challenges, Making Sense was excited to be part of a highly complex software development project. COPSync runs a lean operation and has a small development staff. For this reason it developed a very close-knit partnership with Making Sense, who acted as their “in-house” outsourced development team.

After a lot of hard work and dedication to the project VidTac, a high quality software allowing police departments to cut costs, was created. VidTac became part of a complete workout system for collecting video at the source, storing for easy retrieval at a later time and playing video as evidence in the courtroom.

As a software development company with a team of highly qualified professionals Making Sense continues assisting companies to provide the best services to their clients in today’s competitive world. Take a moment to read our Case Study and learn more about the creation of the first fully integrated video system.