In a previous post we talked about the pros and cons of each web development language, and we concluded that these days none of the choices are bad. But today I think it’s time to step out on a limb and choose sides.

Why bet on HTML5 apps?

Free distribution: Unlike native applications, which depend on the rules of platform owners, HTML5 depends only on the rules of the internet.

Easy development for multiple devices: Traditionally, developers have had to learn a language for each device. But using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript you can now develop the same functionality for different devices at the same time.

Look and Feel: You’re not limited to the native components of each device, you can create new experiences, and adapt the look and feel easily to each device..

Web apps are more easily discoverable: As long as you are on the web, you can be found. All you need is a link for your customers to download your app. You can send this link via email, direct mail and even SMS.

Lower development budget: It’s a lot less expensive to develop an app in HTML5 than to develop an app for an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows.

Purchasing options: Native applications are limited to their own proprietary app markets. Your HTML5 app does not need a marketplace, giving you more options, such as pay per user, markets, advertisements, etc.

And it’s not just me:


“Apple… created WebKit, a complete open-source HTML5 rendering engine that is the heart of the Safari web browser used i all our products… New open standards created in the mobile era, such HTML5, will win on mobile devices”.

Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, Apr 2010.

“It looks to me like HTML5 will eventually become a way almost all applicatios are built, including those on new phones”.

Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman, Feb 2011.

“IE9 is a great example of bringing assets together from across Microsoft to improve the Windows experience. We need to give people the full web, the full internet… like they expect with the PC”.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft, Feb 2011.

Examples of HTML5 apps that achieve a native experience


Sun App


Nitro App


Moqups App


Brackets App


Every Time Zone


Conclusion: This is just the beginning

In all my years working in development and design for apps I have witnessed the evolution of different technologies and the extinction of many others.

Many people thought it was a total madness when Steve Jobs dropped Flash, but since the appearance of HTML5 we realize that Steve was right.

As we saw previously, there are great apps designed in HTML5. But this is just the beginning, HTML5 is in constant evolution and its growth offers us brand new development options and improvements.

So when people talk about the cons we can face in the development of HTML5 apps I just see a bright future full of new possibilities. And I don’t want to be left behind.

I have seen the future, it’s in my (mobile, tablet or desktop) browser.