It seems that there’s a mobile or tablet app for just about everything, from productivity and utilities to digital marketing and entertainment.

Make Mobile/Tablet Development a Priority

According to the 2010 IBM Global Technology Trends Survey, 55% of IT pros think application development for phones and other mobile devices will overtake development of all other traditional computing platforms by 2015. The majority of respondents to our 2012 IT and Software App Priorities Survey will make mobile development a high priority for 2012.

But as simple and sexy as mobile apps seem to be these days, some CIOs see risks. With frequent delivery of new devices and OS upgrades, it’s challenging for most organizations to keep up with current technology or to plan for the future. And as each new device flies off the factory floor with its own set of unique vulnerabilities, companies lack official mobile security policies.

Meet Demand for Mobile/Tablet Apps

Despite rapidly changing mobile and tablet technology, Kamesh Pemmaraju of The SandHill Group says mobile app development will continue to grow because these devices and applications provide both internal business value and external value through customer interactions. That’s probably why mobile app development is driven as much by business unit heads as by the IT department.

Most modern web apps require a mobile user interface, so nearshore outsourcing firms must excel at developing mobile apps that access those web apps. The narrow scope of most mobile applications makes them ideal for outsourcing to a small distributed team. Contact us to learn more.

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