These days there are many mobile apps for users to choose from. Yet, not all apps are created equal. While mobile users may download 10-20 apps a month they frequently discard most of them in a matter of weeks. If your company’s app is going keep the attention of users, it needs to stand out from the rest. Such apps receive great reviews and personal recommendations from users.

What then are the qualities make a great app? Often they:

  • Have an intuitive structure.
  • Are easy to use, respond quickly and work efficiently.
  • Are responsive, stable and reliable.
  • Provide relevant or fresh content.
  • Encourage reuse.
  • Make the consumer’s life easier by meeting a need and thus creating a perceived value.
  • Will be written for a particular device, matching its standards and guidelines.
  • Have a clear purpose.
  • Have a creative design.
  • Are developed based on knowledge about those who will be using it.
  • Are aimed at a company’s target market.
  • Are compelling and unique in the way they address the needs of users.
  • Make use of the features provided in the mobile platform: i.e. camera, GPS, e-mail, etc…
  • May imitate the user interface of a desktop version.
  • Deliver accurate search results.
  • Only offer products that are available.
  • Provide a secure payment system.
  • Make purchases simple to complete.
  • Integrate with standard mobile applications as needed.
  • Integrate with social networking sites.
  • Provide a help feature.
  • Maintain a balance between customer needs and device limitations
  • Demonstrate a built-in intelligence that corrects user mistakes.
  • Can integrate with applications on a desktop PC, if needed, allowing analysis, processing, and/or synchronizing of data.
  • Have a small memory foot print (under 4MB), for faster operation and to promote longer battery life.
  • Promote independence by not being 100% dependent on an external infrastructure such as an internet connection or work with data stored locally.
  • Can incorporate a monetization strategy or business model that sustains and support the improvement of the app over time.
  • Display an easy to remember icon and title that describes what the apps does.
  • Should be supported by a web site for updates, frequently asked question and problem submission.

They may also:

  • Promote your brand by providing useful utilities.
  • Link customers to your business systems

But, mobile apps should avoid things like:

  • Navigation difficulties
  • Overlooking device and technical limitations
  • Using too many device features
  • Over-doing the visual aspects
  • Functionality or content that does not fit the app’s context

Great apps will always be known for their good design both in function and interface and for the interesting and unique and ways in which they meets the needs of users.

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