Once more Common Sense is an Inkind Vendor for August Product Camp Austin with the event app Common Schedule!
Common Schedule is a web and iPhone app that helps event organizers set the conference agenda online. Attendees can share the event’s information on social media platforms.
ProductCamp Austin is an event where Product Management, Product Marketing, and Marketing professionals are able to teach, learn and network with each other. ProductCamp is an ‘un-conference’ and free for attendees. Register here and participate, bring your ideas, lead a session in your area of expertise, facilitate a roundtable discussion, network or volunteer.
We have offered Common Schedule to Product Camp Austin three times already, Cesar D’Onofrio, CEO at Common Sense attended January’s sessions and wrote his impressions about them. You can read them here.
Tom Evans, Sessions Chair at Product Camp Austin explains:
“One of the greatest challenges with ProductCamp is that the schedule is only prepared after the voting is complete on the morning of ProductCamp. This creates the significant challenge of quickly communicating the schedule to all participants in order that they can plan their days. With Common Schedule, within minutes of completing the schedule, we are able to share it with all participants and they can review the details of the schedule and each session and start planning their day before the first sessions occurs. We also avoid the traffic jam of hundreds of ProductCamp participants trying to gather around a yet to be completed handwritten schedule and the overall experience for all attendees is greatly enhanced. In addition, other features such as social media sharing makes it easy to share the ProductCamp experience via social media. We have used Common Schedule at ProductCamp Austin for the past 3 ProductCamps and will continue to use it for all future ProductCamps.”