On the final day of the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer, spoke about the company’s commitment to win big together in 2012 with cloud services offerings for consumers and business through their partners. Having wagered their future over previous years in transitioning their business and their partners to the cloud, Microsoft is seeing these bets paying off. Now the company boasts an impressive 42,000 cloud partners and the riches, broadest cloud software portfolio of products in the world targeting both the public and the private cloud. This is the result of an investment of 9 billion dollars in research and development by Microsoft over the last three years in its effort to lead the industry in cloud services.

Turner succinctly summed up Microsoft’s goal saying, “We aspire to have continuous cloud services for every person and every business round the world.” And that through the depth, breadth and flexibility of cloud services offered by Microsoft’s partners, “we provide a cloud that’s right for every customer;” a solution that tailor-made for each business, right where they are now and which can grow and adapt the meet future needs.

Concerning Microsoft’s Windows Azure Platform Turner spoke about how many of the world’s leading edge companies are moving their applications to Windows Azure to take advantage of its elastic cloud that lowers cost by charging them only for what they use and thus eliminating the need to buy a costly IT environment with the capacity to handle their peak volumes.

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