In these challenging economic times are you finding it difficult to balance the cost of developing and deploying your applications? Then you should consider moving your app to the cloud with the Windows Azure Platform. And right now Microsoft is offering new and existing customers the opportunity to purchase a six month subscription at 25% off their normal consumption rates. Those participating in this offer which is available till June 30th will receive a rebate of $150.

There are many advantages in utilizing the Windows Azure Platform including:

  • Reduced operational cost.
  • A pre-configured platform managed by Microsoft.
  • An environment completely integrated with Visual Studio and the .NET framework so there is no training cost. Eclipse, Java, PHP and Ruby are also supported.
  • Allowing you to focus on business logic without having to worry about operational concerns.
  • A choice of support options that can best suit your needs.

This offer is only available only in the U.S. for Microsoft small and medium business customers, value added resellers and independent software vendors. It allows customers to purchase one or more Base Units to match their development needs. Each Base Unit includes one SQL Azure Business Edition 10 GB relational database.

In addition to this offer, Microsoft is also offering reduced prices on Windows Azure Core and Windows Azure & SQL Azure Extended (a combination of the Windows Azure and SQL Azure core offers). If you are not exactly sure how much Windows Azure Platform services you need, there are two handy calculators to help you in making the right choice: the Windows Azure Platform Pricing Calculator and the Microsoft Windows Azure Platform TCO Calculator.

With reduced pricing, easy configuration, professional management and award winning support, Windows Azure Platform is the right choice for your business.

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