Common Sense launched its own Academy in May 2011! The main goal is to teach university students new technologies and give them the possibility of continue their developers career in Common Sense as employees.

How does it work?

University students from Mar Del Plata, Tandil and nearby can apply for this program, get trained in different development technologies and be considered for a Junior Developer position on the Common Sense staff.

At present, four developers are being trained in .Net technologies by Alejandro Fantini, .Net Senior Developer at Common Sense. After the 10 classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the trainees are evaluated and considered to join the Common Sense staff.

Apart from the fact that Common Sense Academy pays the trainees travel allowance, they acquire new knowledge in technologies and experience that they would not achieve in University.

The program consists of .NET Training:
.NET Framework Class Library Overview
C# Language Fundamentals
Common Type System
Statement Keywords
Access Modifiers
Accessibility Levels
Enumeration Types
Delegates and Events
Advanced C#
Visual Studio 2010
Visual C#
C# Programming Guide
C# Reference
We are very proud of Common Sense Academy!