Common Sense Webinars are back! Next week Common Sense vicepresident, Juan De Abreu, will be presenting: “How to scale up, out or down in Windows Azure”

Learn all about:

  • Scalability, Achieving linear scale, Scale Up vs. Scale Out, Choosing VM Sizes
  • Chaching, Storage Cache
  • Elasticity, Scale out and Scale Back and Automation of scaling

The webinar is intended for CIOs, CTOs, IT Managers, IT Developers, Lead Developers.

Presented by:

Juan De Abreu, Common Sense Vice President

Juan is also Common Sense’s Delivery and Project Director and a Microsoft’s Sales Specialist for Business Intelligence. He has nineteen years of Information Systems Development and Implementation experience.


Jan 26th

Pacific 9am – Mountain 10am — Central 11am – Eastern 12pm

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