I will go to the point, one of the best (if not the best) social network for professionals these days is LinkedIn. Far more than just an online resume, it allows you to stay in touch with current and former colleagues, university pals, clients or vendors. The recommendation feature is especially useful when someone wants to change jobs. If you are a CIO or CTO and have a LinkedIn profile, read these ten CIO blog articles which will help you to improve your work life!

1. Five Ways to Make The Most of LinkedIn Recommendations

As potential employers or recruiters peruse your work experience on LinkedIn, recommendations from past and present colleagues can be one of the most helpful features to help communicate your value. Here’s five tips for doing the most good for yourself with LinkedIn recommendations.

2. “Company Follow” Feature

LinkedIn’s newest tweak rolls out three changes that will benefit hiring managers and job seekers.

3. LinkedIn Privacy Settings

How much of your profile have you made public? Can others see that you’ve viewed their profile? If you’re unsure of these answers, it’s time to revisit these five privacy settings.

4. Find and Follow Your LinkedIn Connections on Twitter

A new LinkedIn feature bridges the gap between your LinkedIn connections and your Twitter followers. Here are step-by-step instructions for getting started.

5. How to Rank Higher in Search Results

If you’re in the market for a new job, looking to gain exposure in your industry or searching for new clients, ranking high on LinkedIn search results is essential. These three simple tips will help keep you top of mind and at the top of search results.

6. LinkedIn Etiquette: The Right Way to Request New Connections

If you’re serious about connecting with someone on LinkedIn, skip the boilerplate invite. Instead, follow these three steps to make connections effectively.

7. 5 Must-Have LinkedIn Apps: Pump Up Your Profile!

Looking to enhance your LinkedIn profile? LinkedIn’s applications add another dimension to your professional persona and can give hiring managers a better peek into your 9 to 5 life.

8. How to Use LinkedIn Company Profiles For Job Hunt, Networking

Company profile pages on LinkedIn can help you tune into a company’s comings and goings, executive relationships, key business facts, and more. Here’s how to search and use LinkedIn Company Profiles to your best advantage.

9. Avoid the Six Most Common Mistakes

Are mistakes on your LinkedIn profile costing you possible job opportunities? Check out this practical advice on LinkedIn profile pitfalls.

10.The Network Effect Revisited

You’ve signed up for LinkedIn, because everyone says it’s the primary business social network. But to whom should you connect? According to a few power users, there are a few common approaches, most of which are different than what you’d do on Facebook.