We saw an amazing headline this week: “Apple Sells Two Million iPads in Less Than 60 Days”. Which is a pretty amazing feat considering that the iPhone took over 2 quarters (6 months!) to sell that many phones. That’s also counting less than a week in international sales, so that’s mainly in the US. I’ve heard that many US Apple Stores are out of stock, or are limiting the number purchased to 2 per customer, as they are in short supply.


I’ve also be asked several times about iPad strategies for business, and I have a few perspectives I’d like to share at a high level.

Re-imagine your iPhone apps:The iPad is another way to view and use iPhone apps, they already work on iPad, but they should be redesigned and optimized to iPad. From the visual design and user interface, to the quantity of content should be reconsidered. The iPad is very well suited for a higher quantity and diversity of content than an iPhone app, or any mobile website. Books, blogs, longer videos, podcasts and games all do very well on the larger screen size, fast processor and usage styles of the iPad.

Find, gather and share the most interesting, useful and impactful content your business has and find a way to get it on an iPad/iPhone app (maybe some on a mobile-friendly website too). From whitepapers and company-sponsored articles to video demo reels and company blogs, longer form and interactive content can make a powerful impact via a branded app.

I’ll post a few more general strategies next week, in the meantime, how is your business planning to use iPad as a channel to your customers?

P.S. I’ve also posted an article on my personal blog about how and why my family uses our iPad. How do you use yours?